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We are excited to share the big news: EduVerifi has officially joined hands with Pearson PTE as a recognized partner! 🌟 Our journey towards streamlining the verification of academic credentials takes a significant leap forward with this collaboration.

The EduVerifi-Pearson PTE partnership is a game-changer for applicants and institutions alike. What does this mean for you? Speed, accuracy, and unmatched efficiency in the verification of PTE score records. πŸš€ No more second-guessing or lengthy waits. We bring direct verification to your doorstep, integrating trustworthiness with quick service.

Educational institutions, now you can admit students with confidence. Migration agents, assist your clients without the hassle of verification delays. Immigration departments, you have a reliable partner to ensure the candidates you’re evaluating have credentials you can trust. With EduVerifi’s expertise and Pearson PTE’s rigorous scoring, the integrity of your processes is in safe hands.

So, let’s raise a toast to this remarkable union πŸ₯‚ that spells reliability and efficiency. Dive into a seamless verification experience with EduVerifi and Pearson PTE. Your pursuit of excellence just got easier!

Join our celebration of innovation and partnership. Trust Eduverifi. Trust Pearson PTE. Together, we’re not just transforming verification; we’re shaping the future of international education and migration.

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