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About EduVerifi

The Mission
To provide comprehensive and reliable online verification services, ensuring the authenticity and legitimacy of educational documents, IDs, and English test results for students pursuing international education. Our mission is to bridge trust gaps in global education by delivering a seamless, accurate, and efficient verification process.
Eduverifi envisions becoming a global leader in educational verification services, setting the standard for excellence and trust in the international education sector. We aim to expand our footprint beyond our inaugural Indian assessing office, fostering educational integrity and enabling smoother, more secure educational journeys for students worldwide.

More about EduVerifi

EduVerifi focuses on verifying education documents and self-identification digitally. EduVerifi helps aspiring students or applicants planning to study or work abroad (Australia) to verify their self and education documents.

EduVerifi is a company registered in Australia with an assessment body in India that helps students to verify their educational documents, self-identification & banking information for their study abroad purposes.

EduVerifi, founded by Abin Mathew Varghese and co-founder Ansar Naginger in 2022, facilitates the verification of self and educational documents for students aiming to study or work in Australia. Our assessment officers collaborate with educational institutions, obtaining necessary documents for verification and ensuring their authenticity. Headquartered in Australia and with an assessment body in Kerala, India, operating under the name Guide to Heights Pty Ltd, EduVerifi compiles verification reports and submits finalized documents to Australian universities and colleges, streamlining the visa application process for applicants.


How it works!


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