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Self Identification

Confirming one’s identity through personal documentation and verification processes. LIVE

Qualifications verification

Confirming authenticity and accuracy of academic credentials and qualifications. LIVE

Employment Verification

Confirming applicant's work history and employment status accurately. Available from mid of april.

Financial Verification

Ensuring accuracy and authenticity of financial records/documents.

Genuine Migrant Test (GMT)

Evaluation of migrants' intent to study or work abroad. Available from early april.*

Language, Literacy & Numeracy Test

Assessing language, literacy, and numeracy skills for proficiency evaluation. Available from mid may.*

English Test VerIfication

Verify English language proficiency for applicants accurately.

Document Verification Services (DVS) Australia

Authenticating documents for individuals and organizations across Australia. LIVE

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Self Check VerificationFor Visit Visa purpose

AUD $49

  • Government ID Check
  • Contact Details Authentication
  • Police Verification Validation
  • 4 months validity
  • School Certificate Verification
  • Degree Certificate Verification
  • English Test Verification
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Qualification VerificationRecommended For Skill Assessment

AUD $69

  • Government ID Check
  • Contact Details Authentication
  • School Certificate Verification
  • Degree Certificate Verification
  • 12 months validity
  • English Test Verification
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Your Complete VerificationFor Education & Migration

AUD $75

  • Government ID Check
  • Contact Details Authentication
  • School Certificate Verification
  • Degree Certificate Verification
  • English Test Verification
  • 12 months validity
  • Financial Verification | Coming Soon 
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Financial Verification Coming Soon

- -

Add On
  • Personal Bank Verification
  • Loan Account Verification
  • Sponsors PAN Card Verification
  • Agriculture Income Verification
  • Income Tax Return Verification
Coming Soon
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Last Updated July 2024

Frequently asked questions

What does EduVerifi mean?

At Eduverifi, we specialize in verifying your identity, banking information, and educational credentials. Our goal is to bolster your future pursuits in education and employment by ensuring credibility and authenticity through our verification process.

How does EduVerifi works?

The process is entirely online. You’ll need to upload all required documents following the provided instructions. Your case will then be assigned to an assessing officer. If any clarification is necessary, they may reach out to you via phone or email.

Ensure you submit all requested documents through the system. Once assessed, the Australian Final Assessment team will generate and send the verification document directly to your registered email.

Do I need to attend an interview for verification?

Whether you’ll need to attend an interview depends on the information you provide. If our assessing officer requires clarification or additional details, they may schedule a video or voice call with you to verify the information provided.

How will I receive the verification report?

Once the verification process is complete, our assessing team will email you the report. If you experience any delays, please reach out to us at and mention your registration number for assistance.

How long is the verification report valid?

The verification report is valid for 12 months. After this period, you will need to initiate the verification process again.

Is my information secure?

Absolutely. We prioritise the security of your data. Our servers are equipped with robust privacy and security measures to ensure compliance with data policies.

Can I reapply for verification?

Yes, you can reapply for verification if your previous verification attempt failed or if your verification report has expired.

I lost my verification report, do i need to reapply again?

If you are unable to find your report, please send us an email to from your registered email address and attach your date of birth proof with a photograph (like ID card, etc..)

If you are not able to do it via your registered email, you will need to restart your application.

Do documents need to be notarised?

Documents submitted to the EduVerifi need not be notarized. If the documents are not in English, the document needs to be translated and notarised by the local authority.

Can i delete my data?

Yes for sure you can delete your data by providing us a request to our email:

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