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Secure your future, verify your past.

What we do?

We will verify self identity education certificates english proficiency digitally.

About EduVerifi

EduVerifi, registered in Australia with an operational assessment body in India, supports students in verifying their educational documents, personal identification, and banking information for study abroad purposes, particularly in Australia. Our assessment officers liaise with educational institutions to authenticate documents, providing vital verification reports for university admissions and visa applications.

EduVerifi is dedicated to providing comprehensive and reliable online verification services. Our mission is to ensure the authenticity and legitimacy of educational documents, personal IDs, and English test results for students pursuing international education. We strive to bridge trust gaps in global education with a seamless, accurate, and efficient verification process.

Services & Process

  • We verify  self-identity & contact information
  • We verify  all education certificates via DigiLocker and our internal verification policy like interviews to confirm genuinty.
  • We verify  English Proficiency – IELTS/ PTE/ TOFEL
  • Our Data is well secured  with ZOHO Data servers
  • We generate advanced  verification reports  in less than 10 days
  • We have a verification assessment body in India
  • Our pricing is easy with benefits.

We work & use - India Zoho Data Servers Google Services SSL 256 encryption

Steps for Verification



The applicant can directly register or partnered education consultant can register for the applicant. Complete the payment and start verification

Complete Verification

After registration, applicant will receive instructions to start their verification requested. the entire process is online.

Verification Report

Upon submission, the assessing officer validates documents using DigiLocker, English test portals, and government ID systems. Leveraging these partnered platforms, they compile a thorough verification report. This report, confirming the authenticity of the applicant's credentials, is then securely sent to the applicant's registered email. This process ensures accurate and efficient verification.

Need more info? Check out our most frequently asked questions.

What does eduverified mean?

Here, we provide assistance in verifying your identity, English proficiency, and educational qualifications & interviews to understand language and literacy levels. This verification process is designed to support your future endeavors in studying or working, ensuring credibility and authenticity.

How is it verified?

The entire process is conducted online. You’ll be required to submit all the necessary documents as per the instructions provided. Once submitted, your case will be assigned to an assessing officer. If further clarification is needed, the assessing officer may contact you via phone or email.

It’s important to ensure that you submit all the documents as requested through the system. Once the assessment is finalized, the Australian Final Assessment team will generate and send the verification document exclusively to your registered email address.

Should I attend any interview with regards to verification?

It depends upon your submission. If we need further information or clarification our assessing office will schedule a call with you to verify details. Most of the interview conducted is via video call or voice call.

How will I receive the verification report?

It depends upon your submission. If we need further information or clarification our assessing office will schedule a call with you to verify details. Most of the interview conducted is via video call or voice call.

After verifying, the assessing team will email you the report. You can share the report. If you experience a delay please email us at (Please mention your registration number to track your record)

How do I get my verification report?

The verification completion report will be sent to your registered email with us.

I completed my degree 5 years ago, can it be verified?

Yes, after you complete and submit the file to us the assessing officer may ask you for further details on the process.

What is the validity period for the verification report?

The verification report will be valid for 8 months.

How is the data security managed?

Eduverifi ensures robust data security through encrypted storage on secure ZOHO servers, strict access controls, and compliance with international data protection regulations. Additional measures include secure employee work environments with CCTV monitoring and access card entries, safeguarding sensitive information handled by assessing officers. This multi-layered approach guarantees the highest level of data safety and privacy. Read More

Can I re-apply for verification?

Yes for sure, you can reapply for verification.

What happens if my verification fails?

There are several reasons why your verification fails. The report will contain all the information required to understand verification. Our team will completely support in any matter required.

I lost my verification report, do i need to reapply again?

If you are unable to find your report, please send us an email to from your registered email address and attach your date of birth proof with a photograph (like ID card, etc..)

If you are not able to do it via your registered email, you will need to restart your application.

Can i delete my data?

Yes for sure you can delete your data by providing us a request to our email:

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